Employee research

Employee research isn't only for large companies. Whether you employee 10 people or 10,000, regularly asking employees how they are feeling is simply good management. Are they satisfied with pay and benefits, training, career opportunities and the working environment? Do they feel at home in your company culture? And, most importantly, are they really engaged with the ultimate purpose of your business?

Whatever the size of your company, there’s plenty of evidence now to show that fully satisfied and engaged employees contribute more to your business, and using online research methods makes employee research affordable for everyone. We can help you to identify what you do well - and not so well - as an employer and what changes will most effectively bring about increased motivation, productivity and advocacy amongst your people.

Making sure your ‘employer brand’ is strong also helps to attract talented new employees. We can conduct research amongst potential recruits to assess how your business is currently perceived as an employer.

What does it look like?

  • Regular (annual or more frequent) employee opinion surveys – what’s great about working for you, and what needs improving?
  • Heath and safety surveys
  • Focus groups on specific issues of interest e.g. training and development
  • Employer branding research – identifying what you really stand for as an employer and how you are currently perceived, internally and externally.
  • Online communities to engage employees in developing new products and business strategy, as well as talking about what it’s like to work for you
  • Exit surveys or interviews – talking to people leaving the business to find out why they want to go and what you could have done to keep them (if you wanted to).